Marketing Tip: Holiday Email Template Available!

2012-01-31T19:13:26-05:00Fundraising, SportsSignup Updates|

Fundraising during the holidays is historically a difficult time for sports organizations as most people are busy with holiday shopping, giving/etc. and not your organization… until NOW!  Yes…that’s all before MySportsStore – Powered by Eastbay!  Now, nothing makes a better gift (smile) to give than a hoody, t-shirt, jacket – whatever their favorite item is – from their local sports organization. 

To help you remind your members that your store is the perfect gift giving place, we’ve created a Holiday Email Template for you to easily deploy to your members.  You can find this new marketing template when you send e-mail to your members – it is listed as “Web Store Holiday Promo.”  If you need assistance sending the e-mail template, please do not hesitate to contact our support center – we always here to help.