Marketing Tip: Homepage Promotion is key to Success!

2012-01-31T22:36:18-05:00Fundraising, SportsSignup Updates|

Yes, we know it sounds simple, but the number of sports organizations still not promoting their web store to the fullest is shocking!  For your web store to be successful you need to sell your merchandise…to sell more merchandise your members need to know it’s there.  A recent MySportsStore survey revealed that at least 39% of members learned of the new web store on their organizations homepage.

A common online marketing term is “above the fold.”  This means when a member or prospective customer lands on your sports organizations homepage all key information is immediately visible without having to scroll down the page.  Your web store advertisement (banner ad) needs to be prominently displayed at the top of page.  The primary purpose is to drive traffic to your web store!

Below are two great examples of banner advertisements for web stores in the optimal position “above the fold ” on the sports organizations home page.


In both examples, the banners for the web stores are clearly visible within the initial screen shot. 

If you do not have a custom banner for your web store, please feel free to contact your MySportsStore Sales Associate to have one created for you at no charge.  This is just one of the great extras we provide to ensure your fundraising efforts are successful.