MySportsStore: Merchandise Returns… should we or shouldn’t we?

2012-01-31T22:45:38-05:00Fundraising, SportsSignup Updates|

Return requests will happen, whether you have a set policy or not. We recommend that you anticipate the requests, create a policy and make it available to customers.

The Policy – It’s up to your organization whether to allow Returns or not.  Here are some sample policies you might use:

  • Returns:  Sorry, we do not accept any Returns on Merchandise purchases.
  • Returns:  Due to the fundraising aspect of our team store, Returns are not encouraged and must be approved on an exceptions basis.  If you would like to request a return, please contact the Merchandise Administrator listed above.

Make it Available – You can make the policy visible to customers on the store page and in the checkout process.  Go to SportsSignup Admin system Home | Merchandise | Settings | Merchandise Refund Policy, add policy and save to display.

The Return Process – If you decide to allow Returns, customers will give the merchandise to the store administrator to keep and sell offline or mail back to Eastbay for re-stocking (contact your MySportsStore Sales Associate for the return address).  If merchandise is re-stocked, the organization will receive a paper check from Eastbay for the wholesale cost.  The Merchandise Administrator will refund the customer through the SportsSignup Admin system.  (To learn how to process credit card refunds, type in “credit card refunding” in the Search bar on this page).