MySportsStore New Feature: Bulk Ordering Merchandise

2012-01-31T22:53:48-05:00Fundraising, SportsSignup Updates|

You’ve asked for it, so we’ve built it…bulk ordering for MySportsStore – Powered by Eastbay merchandise!  Need to order 30 of your favorite team t-shirts to sell upcoming event? With the new bulk ordering feature, you can easily place a single order to have shipped to a single location of your choosing. This new feature is also recommended for ordering multiple items to have as size samples at each event, so people know exactly what size to order when they go online.

Note that only administrators designated as “Contact for MySportsStore” (on Admin Users page) can place a bulk order. To access this feature and place your order, go to Tools | Order Merchandise.  Next to each item there are new quantity fields where specific quantities can be entered. 

Once submitted, there will be a summary page displayed where the bulk orders are broken out separately for easy viewing. You can check the status or track the shipment at any time from this screen.

  Few important notes for the Merchandise Administrators:

  • Only administrators designated as “Contact for MySportsStore” (on Admin Users page) can place a bulk order.
  • A credit card is not required – wholesale price of items will be billed to the organization on standard semi-monthly billing cycle.
  • Sales tax is not assessed on bulk orders, organization is responsible for charging sales tax, if applicable. Some states allow tax-free sales for single events, check with your tax professional to advise.
  • Be sure to check with your Eastbay Team Sales representative prior to your bulk order to ensure you do not order in excess of what is currently on-shelf. Items in excess of bulk order will be back-ordered and will experience shipping delays.
  • Minimum order size for bulk order is $150. No shipping charges will be incurred.
  • Express shipping available for an additional charge.
  • SportsSignup merchandise transaction fees are assessed, based on the wholesale price of the item(s).