New: Account Creation is Simplified

2012-04-03T16:57:54-04:00Parenting, SportsSignup Updates|

Members using the system for the first time must create a new account to register themselves and/or their children. This process has been simplified and now includes 2 to 3 steps that the user can easily follow. Note that you can click on the images to view a larger version.

Step_1_4Step 1: User provides basic login information (e-mail and password)


Step_2_2Step 2: User provides contact information for the account owner.


Step_3_2Step 3 (if applicable): User provides emergency contact information and any extra info required by your organization associated with the Account  (e.g. school district, county, etc.). If you would like to have additional information collected on this page, please contact



Account_setup_complete_2Registration Launch Page:  After Step 3, the user informed that Account Setup is complete, but there are no registrations associated with the account.  From this launch page, the user can go directly to child or adult registration, or to their account page to add more children or manage their account. In our testing, we found that this new interface is more intuitive and provides more direction to the users – which will ultimately translate to more complete registrations.