New: “Account Credits” Now Available

2012-02-01T00:11:18-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

Do you have special end-user accounts where you’d like to be able to issue a credit? Ever want to issue a “credit” instead of a cash or credit card refund? A new feature is now available for sports registration administrators to apply “credits” to specific end-user accounts.  This is the number one requested feature in our Feedback Forum and we aim to please!

Some examples of how to use account credits: You may want to allow for board member or coach discounts, store/apparel credits, scholarships and just issuing a credit to an un-registered player instead of a refund to their credit card.  Authorized administrators can issue a credits to a user account by indicating the amount of the credit and reason it was issued.  Upon login, theaccount owner will see the credit as it is prominently displayed at the top of the screen – the funds are automatically applied to their next order.  Very simple!