New: Add Conditional Custom Questions

2012-04-03T17:40:55-04:00SportsSignup Updates|

There are many cases where new custom questions are only needed if a registrant answered a previous question a certain way. For example, if you ask a Yes/No type question for “Would you like to make a donation,” and the user answers “Yes,” the next step for the users is answering the question: “How much would you like to donate?”  In this case if the user answered “No” to the question, the question about donation amount is irrelevant, and should not be displayed. There are many other instances where this type of control is useful – we are sure you can think of several examples that apply to your organization.

SportsSignup’s new Conditional Custom Questions feature allows administrators to set up “conditional questions,” that is, questions that only appear if the user answers a previous question a certain way. This feature can be applied to Yes/NoList, and Surcharge type questions.

Here are the basic steps how to implement Conditional Custom Question(s):   

Custom-Question-Conditions-Screen1 Custom-Question-Conditions-Screen2  Custom-question-conditions-screenfinal  

1. Create all of your custom questions as normal, including questions that will only be shown based on the answer of a previous question. (Click on the images above to enlarge).

2. For questions that you would like to display based on the answer of a previous question, click on Add Condition.

3. Select the question and answer that will “trigger” the display of your conditional custom question. ClickSave.

4. View/Re-order your questions as necessary. Conditional custom questions work regardless of the question order, for example, you can have a question that appears at the bottom of the list based on the answer to one of your questions.