New: Admin Main Page (Beta) Released

2012-04-03T18:10:06-04:00Sports Management, SportsSignup Updates|

We are constantly thinking of ways to make the jobs of volunteer sports administrators easier.  With the new Admin Main page, important information is immediately and readily available.  In addition to the new drop-down menu structure, the page is essentially divided into three interactive parts, including a new search tool, tasks, and Session information.  The interactive links bring you directly to the registrant information and to the powerful reporting tools that are so crucial for successful data management.

Dashboard overviewThe Search feature, similar to Find Registrant, but much improved.  You can now search by person, team, e-mail address, account number and more.  The Tasks section shows information regarding total monies owed to you (Receivables), total refunds you owe to your registrants (Payables) and fees due to SportsSignup.  Last, the Active Sessions view gives immediate feedback regarding numbers of registrants/helpers, the shopping cart (incomplete transactions) and the waiting list (if enabled).

While the new page is the Beta Version, we are looking for your feedback.  It is important to gather information from those who know our system best, the administrators who use it every day.  Please send your comments and suggestions to