New and Improved KidSafePlus Coach and Volunteer Background Checks

2013-03-07T15:28:00-05:00Health & Safety, SportsSignup Updates|

KidSafePlus® changes are here, and YOU WILL want to know about them!   SportsSignup has completely redesigned our KidSafePlus® product.  It is better and easier than ever!


  • Easier Case Management- With the new “Wizard” interface, we take all the guess work out of managing your KidSafePlus® system
  • One fully Integrated Background Check System- All of the KidSafePlus information will reside in one registration system
  • Email notification is sent to the KidSafePlus® administrator when a case opened
  • Administrators are proactively alerted, on the Home page, of open cases
  • KidSafePlus® status automatically displayed on rosters, making it easy to know who has completed and cleared their background check and more importantly, who has not!
  • KidSafePlus® status shown within each account- increasing awareness of all helper’s background check status
  • Custom Reporting Options
  • As always, we continue to help organizations with FCRA Compliance:
    • When a case is opened we provide easy ways to communicate with registrants and document actions taken on a case
    • Provide letter and email templates
    • Tools that can be used for disqualify someone based on their background check


Finally, you may now give your administrators KidSafePlus® privileges without having to send SportsSignup any paperwork! As long as you have the ‘Manage Admin Users’ privilege, you can give other administrators access by checking the ‘KidSafe Manager’ box on the Edit Admin User page.


These changes will not only increase awareness, helping you to determine who has or has not completed a background check, but will save you time and give you a better overall understanding of the process.


For more information, please review the KidSafePlus® Process  and watch our KidSafePlus® Overview Video