New: Automatic Team Assigment & Copy Teams

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In previous versions of our online registration system, administrators had to create new teams from scratch every season – even if the players (for the most part) were on the same team each year. Well, that took a bit too much time and effort so we have added the following features to make it easier next time you are assembling teams:

Automatic Team Assignment

If you created teams using the Create Teams menu item to create teams from a prior session, you can automatically assign players and coaches to teams. 

If teams were created using Create Teams, the new team is linked to the team from the prior session.  When a player or coach is unassigned and the player or coach was on a team from the prior session that was linked and the player/coach is registered for the division of the new team, the player/coach can be automatically assigned to the new team.

Here’s how to do it: Login as administrator, and from the Admin Main page go to Manage Teams. Click on Auto Assignment at the top of the page. Doing this will will display the list of the currently unassigned players/coaches that will be assigned automatically.  If you don’t want a person assigned, uncheck them.



Copying Teams from a Previous Session

If your new session has many of the same teams as a previous session, you can quickly re-create the teams using the new Copy Teams feature. 

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Login as administrator, and from the Admin Main page go to Manage Teams. Click on Copy Teams at the top of the page.

Step 2: Select the session you want to copy the teams from.  The Divisions and Teams within those divisions are shown.  You now need to map the division from the prior session to the new division.  For example, if your Girls U12 division is now your Girls U13 division, choose that from the list.  (Note you need to create your divisions first).

Step 3: “Checked” teams are now created. You can uncheck any teams created in the new session as necessary.

Some important notes:

  • You can change the names of the new teams before they are created by specifying the new team name in the text box – it defaults to the previous team name.
  • If you have new teams that you want to create in the new session that don’t exist in the previous session, you can create those after using the New Team menu item on the Manage Teams page.
  • Once your teams are created, use the Automatic Team Assignment to assign players who played on the prior season’s team to the new team.  NOTE: You only want to run this once – if you run it a second time, you’ll end up with duplicate teams.

Need help doing this the first time? No problem. Send us an e-mail at and we will walk you through it.