New: Axon Sports Baseline Tests for Concussion Management

2012-01-26T19:10:01-05:00Health & Safety|

SportsSignup has partnered with Axon Sports to bring customers the very latest in online Concussion Management tools with a commitment to convenience and affordability.  We’ve made it easy for you, our SportsSignup customer, to offer Baseline testing to your members…at 15% off Axon Sport’s retail cost. 

Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to the SportsSignup system.
  2. From the Homepage hover over Setup>choose Organization Settings>select Concussion Management from left menu.
  3. Read through the “Learn More” information and take a quick sample test to get familiar with the service.
  4. When you are ready, click the blue button under “Get Testing” to display a banner promoting Baseline testing on all family account main pages.  Members will be able to learn about Axon Sports, Baseline testing, create an account, buy their own test credits at 15% off, take tests and manage test results.
  5. We also encourage you to Email your members.  There’s a new Axon Sports Email template to make this task easy.  More information about Emailing from our system is available on the Concussion Management page.

**If your organization has more than 100 Athletes to test, you should investigate the even greater saving available with the bulk purchase option.  Learn more on the Concussion Management page.

More information about Axon Sports Baseline Concussion Tests can be found in our Support Center which includes useful documents and “how to” videos.