New: “Bulk Edit” Your Custom Question Fields

2012-02-02T21:46:31-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

If you’ve been looking to save time when updating custom questions, we have added a new feature within Registration Detail Reports that allows you to edit custom question fields on the screen for all registrants at once. For example, lets say you need to modify uniform sizes (captured using a custom question) for 10 of your registrants. Instead of drilling down to each registration to edit the records, you can edit all 10 records right on the Registration Detail report. Here’s how:

To edit custom questions, either Admin only or questions that registrants have answered, go to: Home | Registration Reports | Registration Detail. Then, select a Session and click on View Report.You can add additional columns to the Report Views:

  1. Mouse over any column header or click Options and add the column(s) representing the custom questions you wish to edit.
  2. After adding the specific custom question column, mouse over that column header and click Edit. You will then be able to edit all the questions for each registrant directly in the field on the screen. (Some custom questions cannot be edited on the screen. These questions include: Surcharge question type and conditional custom questions – specifically the “master” question that a conditional custom question is based on).

Questions? Please email, our support staff would be happy to assist you.