New: Coach Manageable Fields

2012-02-01T00:48:50-05:00Sports Management, SportsSignup Updates|

Part of taking the hassle out of running your sports organization is distributing the work load to others. For example, using online sports registration you are having families maintain their own information (address, e-mail, phone, etc). With Coach Manageable Fields, sports administrators can create custom questions and allow coaches to enter the information for each registrant on their team.

The best example of this is player rankings. Instead of having a single administrator enter this information – now you can put the data entry in the hands of the coach, a scenario that saves time and provides better accuracy of data. Using this feature is easy, when you set up a new custom question, there is a checkbox called “Coach Manageable.” When coaches view their teams, they will be able to bulk edit these fields so they can be easily reported on from administrator reports.

More information about Coach Manageable Fields can be found in our Support Center.