New: Connect with Facebook

2012-01-27T16:04:15-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

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Do you have trouble remembering your password? We have all had that experience, especially on web pages that we may not visit on a daily basis.  Based on recent Facebook statistics there are, “more than 500 million active users” and  “50% (of those) active users log on to Facebook in any given day.” Given this information, we are pleased to bring you a solution that will benefit our customers who use both Facebook and SportsSignup.  Your members/participants will now be able to connect their Facebook login to their SportsSignup account, eliminating the need to manage two separate passwords.   We are very excited about this feature, not only because it makes logging into the SportsSignup system easier for our users, but also for the future possibilities it brings.

Facebook login
A few things administrators should know:

  • Using Facebook Connect with a user account is completely optional, and is no way required to sign in and register. For those who do not have a Facebook account or elect not to connect, they can login to the system as they always have.
  • For those that do opt to connect, will be asked specifically what they want to share with the system (this is actually a Facebook integration requirement), therefore no information will be shared/used in the system unless the user has explicitly agreed.
  • If the user decides at some point to “disconnect” their Facebook account, the user interface easily supports this.