New: Custom User Alerts Now Available

2012-04-03T17:58:46-04:00SportsSignup Updates|

Communicating important, time-sensitive information with your members, coaches, and volunteers is easy with SportsSignup’s new User Alerts feature. E-mail is a great communication tool, but for a variety of reasons beyond your control (users changing their address, spam blockers, ISP issues, etc.) e-mail is not ideal for last-minute notifications and special time-sensitive messages. Also, most web-site creation sites have a way to create “Alerts” or special messages, however, these tools are typically limited to webmasters and those with access to your website.

Advantages of User Alerts (vs. email or other communication method(s)):

  • User Alerts is a “pull” style of communication, that is, your members can self-serve the information, all they need is an internet connection.
  • Changes to the User Alert can be modified in real-time. This is unlike an email or phone message, where once you send it, it cannot be edited.
  • Alert message is available 24/7.

Alerts ScreenshotThe new User Alerts feature lets authorized administrators post an “Alert” on your registration Welcome Page. Click on the graphic to see what this looks like.

User Alerts can be used to notify your members that the “Deadline for registration is approaching,” or that “space is limited for certain programs,” or “Field XYZ is closed,” etc. The User Alerts can be fully customized.

Here’s how to implement User Alerts:

  1. Log in as Administrator and go to: Admin Main | Manage Account | User Alerts | Create Alert(note that you must have appropriate privleges to post an alert, only a “full access” administrator can grant access).

  2. Create a Title for the alert, and add body text for the details.

  3. Set the Start/Stop times for the Alert. The Alert will automatically removed at the stop time. (This will be based on the time zone setting on your account, read this blog post for more information on time zone configuration).

  4. Click Save. You can Edit/Delete your User Alert at any time, changes will be reflected in real-time.

Your Alert will now appear on the registration Welcome Page.


Important Notes: The User Alerts feature will not display on legacy welcome page URL’s. For User Alerts to appear, your registration links should point to the Account Website (To view your Account Website, go to Manage Account | Manage Organization). Click herefor more information best practices for linking to your SportsSignup account from your organization’s website.


Implementation Suggestions: If your organization plans to use the User Alerts feature for cancellation information, it is recommended to set up another permanent link on your website, e.g. “Cancellations & Notices” and point it to the registration Welcome Page URL. This will be a more direct and intrinsic way for your members to access the information (they don’t have to go through your registration link). Alternatively, you can communicate this method to your members and simply have them bookmark the registration Welcome Page URL.