New: Document Storage Added; Improved E-mail Editing

2012-02-02T22:25:40-05:00Sports Management, SportsSignup Updates|

07-07-09: We’ve rolled out an improved and much asked for e-mail features today, that will improve the online sports registration experience.  Now, e-mailing your registrants, coaches, team members and all involved is so much easier with our added tool bar on your e-mail page. These changes also improve the way you edit information on the Welcome Page, Post Purchase Notice, Refund Policy and Consent pages.


Some highlights:

  • The tool bar offers standard formatting options such as the paragraph style, bullets and numbering, text alignment, and font styles. In addition, there is a spell check option, the ability to insert images, documents, hyperlinks and more.
  • Now, when composing an e-mail, you have the option to type directly into the text window or paste information from another document using the paste tools.
  • The Document Manager allows you to insert documents directly into the body of the e-mail, Welcome Page, Post Purchase Notice, Refund Policy or Consent. Unlike many personal e-mail systems, rather than attach a document, here you will upload and save the document. Once the document is inserted, it will become a link in the body of the e-mail. This new feature makes it much easier to send large documents and improves “deliverability” of your e-mails (spam filters typically don’t like e-mails with attachments).

A few Q&A’s:

Q. What happened to the Attachments feature? Can I still send attachments with my e-mail? 
A. The attachment feature, that allowed for you to attach an actual file to your e-mail, has been removed. Your attachments can still be included, but they will be inserted in your e-mail as a link – this will help to speed up the delivery of your e-mail and keep it out of the “Junk” folder of your intended recipients. 

Q. How much document storage space is available?
A. To support the new functionality, we have added document storage capabilities to your SportsSignup account – each account will have 50MB of document/image storage available, this space is shared among your administrators.

Q. Can we insert images in our e-mail? 
A. You could always insert images, however, this was rarely done as you needed to know html and have a place to host your images.With the new features, this is super easy – we do the hosting for you, and you can resize the image(s) so they look good in your communication, on your Welcome Page, etc.

Q. Do you charge for sending e-mails? 
A. Unlike most mass-email software vendors, your organization can send an unlimited number of e-mails through the SportsSignup system at no additional cost.

Q. Is online help available, how can I learn more? 
A. Yes, online help is available, simply click on the Help button when you are using the new editor.