New FeeTrak™ Solution Helps Sports Organizations Accurately Manage Insurance & Membership Fees

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System Aggregates Player Data for Insurance Coverage Billing & Tracking

Latham, N.Y., —August 27, 2007 — Sports organizations that manage multiple member “clubs” have traditionally struggled to keep track of registered players for purposes of insurance and other league-related payments. This record keeping is complicated by the fact that insurance rates can vary based on the type of program each player is enrolled in (e.g. Travel vs. Recreational), players moving from one program type to another, or players on multiple teams/playing multiple sessions. FeeTrak is SportsSignup’s answer to this problem. FeeTrak enables administrators to generate aggregate counts and detailed lists of players by program and insurance level – and these lists can now be used to create invoices to member clubs using definitive roster information.

“Many sports clubs must hand-generate their own totals and submit this information to their parent league, because tools are not typically available to deal with complexities of insurance rules and rates,” said Anthony Bruno, vice president of marketing at SportsSignup. “Any time money is changing hands, as in the case of insurance payments, it is critical that the amounts are accurate. FeeTrak aggregates this information in a way that is easy to understand and manage. In addition, it is now possible to collect the exact amount owed by member clubs based on active rosters, and to know exactly who is covered,” continued Bruno.

FeeTrak is included as part of SportsSignup’s Roster Manager product, used by sports leagues to automate many aspects of their day-to-day sports management tasks including roster submission by clubs, player/coach certifications, printing rosters/player passes, and rules enforcement (roster size, player age, number of coaches, etc.). With FeeTrak, player records are date stamped with registration type, therefore players (and dollars) transferring between registration types are taken into consideration. This enables organizations to bill their constituents multiple times per year to improve their cash flow. “FeeTrak is a natural addition to Roster Manager, as it solves a significant problem for many organizations. All the information to make it work already exists in roster databases, however, to solve the problem we needed to look at the data from a whole different perspective,” concluded Bruno.


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