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We have made significant enhancements to the existing Registration Revenue and Payments reports, and have added a new report called Orders. This post explains the changes/additions to these important Finance Reports.

1. New Orders Report

Have you ever wondered how many dollars were attributed to late fees, discounts, or surcharges for a given Program, Session, or Division? Well, with the new Orders Report you can now do this and account for every dollar allocated to your rules, surcharges, or adjustments. Our developers worked hard to get this “frequently requested” report out to you this summer. Looks like a simple report, but there is some serious software code going on in the background to make it all work.

How the Orders Report Works

Click on the Orders under Finance Reports. The report will default to the previous full month, unless it is past the 15th of the month, in this case it will run from the beginning of the current month. If you need to adjust the dates, simply click on the date field.

Orders_report_screenshotAs you can see from the screenshot (click on it to enlarge), all Programs, Sessions, and Divisions are listed in the first column, and the total Registration Amount for the selected date range in the second column. The remainder of the columns are dynamically generated based on any special rules or surcharges that were active within the specified date range. For example, lets say you had a scholarship program in place and wanted to see how much revenue was attributed to this “adjustment” in fees for certain individuals. Since a scholarship is considered an adjustment to the order, it will show up on the Orders report and will have its own column in the Orders Report.

Things to note about the Orders Report:

  • The Orders Summary shows “bookings,” that is, orders placed. It does not show what has or has not been paid. Actual payments are shown in the Payments and Registration Revenue Reports (described below).
  • Be sure to keep your surcharge/fee rule names consistent when setting up custom questions, otherwise you will end up with multiple columns for the same surcharge.

2. Enhancements to Registration Revenue Report

The Registration Revenue Report now contains columns for different payment types, refunds, and SportsSignup fees. Unlike the Orders Report described above, this report shows actual Revenue, that is, monies actually received for any given date range. This includes all credit card payments/refunds and recorded check/cash payments. The report can also be exported to MS Excel.

3. Enhancements to the Payments Report

The Payments Report now includes search by date range, payment type (credit card or check). You can also show payments or refunds made during a specified date range.

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