New: Follow-on Credit Card Payments

2012-03-31T15:38:53-04:00SportsSignup Updates|

Feature Update #7

Display / Pay Outstanding Balances by Credit Card 
Users can log into their account and pay outstanding balances by Credit Card.  If they have outstanding balances, a new button will appear on the top of their Account page.  The new page will show orders with outstanding balances, and an option to pay them.  The user will enter their credit card information, just as they do when they register.

This is useful for:

  • People who originally chose to pay by Check, but then change their mind and want to pay by credit card.
  • If an additional fee is assessed to their account (perhaps a child changed divisions to a more expensive division), the extra amount can now be paid by credit card.

This option is only available when you have specified you accept credit card  payments.  If you allow check payments, the page will give them payment instructions: who to make check out to and where to mail it.