New: Incomplete Order Reminder E-mail

2012-02-02T22:05:21-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

Sometimes orders are left in the shopping cart by registrants (they did not complete the registration process for some reason), and they show up on your Incomplete Orders Report. We like this as much as you do, so we have added some automation to keep the number of incomplete orders to a minimum.

Now, when one of your registrants abandons their shopping cart, or does not complete their order during a login session, a system generated e-mail is automatically sent to the registrant. The e-mail is sent after one hour and then again after 48 hours.  The registrant is reminded that they have not completed their order and a link is provided back to the shopping cart, as well as a note that once registration is closed the shopping cart will automatically be deleted.

Questions? Please email, our support staff would be happy to assist you.