New: Jersey Number Rosters

2012-01-27T16:51:32-05:00Sports Management, SportsSignup Updates|

We’ve received requests to have jersey number available when printing rosters and we aim to please!  A new checkbox on the Program settings page will allow administrators to turn on Jersey Numbers for sessions in that program and will now show in printout.

This feature can now be enabled within the Program settings.  Jersey numbers are stored with registrations, and are “administrative only” and coach editable fields.  When enabled, jersey numbers will appear on rosters and be available to view and edit in the Registration Detail Report. 

To enable Jersey Numbers, go to:Home | Setup | Programs and Sessions | Program Name | Edit Settings.

Once enabled, an”Admin Only”question to each person’s registration. This can then be edited by an administrator by editing each order or by bulk editing the field within the Registration Detail Report.  Once a team is made,”Live”, the coach will see a “View Team”link next to their name.  Once viewing their team , they will then see “Manage Team Info”where they can enter in jersey numbers for each player.

Jersey numbers will show on all system rosters and will be submitted with rosters to the parent organization (when applicable). A custom question should not be created to capture jersey numbers.