New: More Access Controls/Levels for New Admin Users

2012-04-03T16:16:55-04:00Sports Management, SportsSignup Updates|

We have had numerous requests to add more flexibility and control when creating a new administrative user in the system. By default, new administrators have access to all data. However, when creating a new administrative user (admin user), it is possible to restrict access only to the parts of the system that pertain to their roles and responsibilities in your organization.

To create a new admin user, login as administrator, and go to Manage Account | Manage Users | Create User. Admin user access to the system can be controlled through two sets of access controls:

  • Functional Area Privileges: Allows you to control the access to specific system features.
  • Program/Session/Division Access: Control access only to specified Programs/Sessions/Divisions.

Functional Area Privileges

Functional Area privileges are hierarchical, meaning you can grant access to an area, which implies access to the areas underneath it.  If you don’t want to give privileges to everything underneath it, you uncheck it, and then you can give explicit privileges to a sub-area.

Program/Session/Division Access

Access to Programs/Sessions/Divisions can be controlled by clicking on Add Access Restrictions at the bottom of the Manage Users page.  What this does is essentially hide the other Programs/Sessions/Divisions the admin user is not given access to.

Want to learn more? These access levels are described in greater detail in our online Help. From the Manage Users page, click Help in the upper right corner of the screen.