New: More Options for E-Mailing to Accounts

2012-02-01T02:03:19-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

Sometimes you need to send an e-mail and/or create a report to your Accounts (an Account is typically a family account, and can contain multiple family members). With this enhancement you can select all or a sub-set of your Accounts. To do this, login as an administrator and go to: Accounts | All Accounts. You will then have a few options to choose from:

Select Active – Select Accounts that have signed in within the past 12 months.

Select Currently Registered – Select Accounts that have a registration in an active Session.

Select All – Selects all Accounts.

Export – Download accounts to CSV file, for use with MS Excel or other spreadsheet software.

More information about E-mailing to Accounts can be found in our Support Center.