New: Progress Bar Added to Online Registration Pages

2012-02-03T15:59:39-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

“Is my online registration checkout complete?” We hope you no longer get this question 🙂

We have added a new visual que to the user interface, in the form of a Progress Bar (to be released Thursday, May 14, 2009) to the top of every page in the online registration process. Each phase of the online registration process is clearly indicated by the graphic (see below).

Online Sports Registration Progress Bar

There are valid reasons for an order to be shown in the “Shopping Cart,” for example, the registrant did not have a credit card on-hand to pay, or they wanted to see the total before committing to your program. The new Progress Bar is intended to reduce or eliminate unintended orders in the shopping cart by giving a clear indication of were your participant is in the registration process.

Questions? Please email, our support staff would be happy to assist you.