New: Registration Requirements and Account Suspension

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Let’s start by saying that this powerful tool is EXCLUSIVE to SportsSignup!  

What are Sports Registration Requirements?  Sports organizations have the ability to set up rules that allow them to add specific requirements to the sports registration process.  What’s so special about that?  Well, not only does this allow sports administrators the ability to automatically notify users about what is required during the registration process, but they can set up the rule to optionally block registration and they can easily track who has met the requirements.  Yup, we know that makes it so much easier!

Based on our most popular requests for our online sports management customers, we’ve released the below rules:

  • Address Verification
  • Map Boundary Surcharge Rule
  • Person ID Image
  • USA Hockey ID
  • Map Boundary Compliance


Address Verification

Address verification allows an administrator to notify their members that documentation is required to verify their address.  This feature can be especially useful if sports organizations also uses the Map Boundary rule, as the address is being verified against the defined map boundary.

  • Once an address is verified, the address will not need to be verified again unless it is changed. If changed, the validation is unset and will need to be re-verified by an administrator.
  • Create a custom message for registrants to see, with instructions for providing documentation requirements.
  • Sports administrators can run reports to determine if an address has been verified.

Map Boundary Surcharge Blocking Rule

Does your sports organization have a specific geographical region your membes have to live in order to register? Using Google Maps or other mapping software (e.g. Bing Maps), sports administrators can create a map outlining a boundary, according to their organization’s requirements.

Administrators can then set the rule blocking behavior to “Charges Fee”. The registrant will then be required to pay an additional fee to register because they do not live in the designated area.

Registration Requirements

Account Suspension

Do you have those “not so dependable” accounts who well, lets be honest, just don’t pay?  We’ve added the ability to, at the click of a button, to turn off an account because of a past due balance or other issue.  A sports administrator can now suspend an account, preventing users from registering until the account suspension is removed. 

  • The Account suspension notice is clearly displayed for both the administrator’s and the account owner. 
  • A simple report is available, allowing administrators to view a list of all suspended accounts.  And, once back in your good graces you can easily enter the account to remove the suspension.Account Suspension resized 600
More information about Registration Requirements can be found in our Support Center which includes useful documents and “how to” videos. To learn more about online sports registration, visit