New Report Fields Added to Registration Detail Reports

2012-04-03T17:36:40-04:00SportsSignup Updates|

You can now add two very useful columns to your Registration Detail Reports, Reg Status and EditReg. Click the graphic on the right to see the new columns.

The Reg Status field displays the registration status and will show one of the following fields:

  • Normal – Indicates a complete registration.
  • UnRegistered – The registrant has been unregistered by an authorized administrator.
  • Coach Request – An adult that has made a request to be a coach/volunteer, but has not yet been placed on a team.
  • Incomplete – Registration is in the “Shopping Cart,” and has not been completed.
  • Waiting List – Registrant/Team is on a wating list.

Note that registrants are also color coded in Registration Detail to indicate their registration status as shown above.

The EditReg field enables you to go directly to the Registration Record, so you can save yourself some steps by not having to navigate via the Account.

Questions? Please email, our support staff would be happy to assist you.