New: Reporting Enhancements

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Column Totals Now Shown on ReportsTotals_on_receivables_2By popular demand we have added a feature to provide sum totals for columns in reports. This includes record counts in Registration Detail Reports, and transaction counts plus sum dollar amounts in Transaction Detail,  Receivables, Payables, Payments Received, and Credits Issued Reports.

Click on the image to view a larger version to see an example (Receivables).

E-mail from All Accounts Report: Previously, the All Accounts report displayed all accounts on the screen, and as an administrator you could export these accounts to Excel. If you had thousands of accounts, this took a considerable amount of time to display this page. This report has been modified so you can e-mail and export all account information to support marketing your programs. The accounts are no longer displayed on screen. To get to the All Accounts report, login as administrator and select All Accounts in the Reports section.