New: Round Robin Automated Team Assignment Now Available

2012-02-01T00:52:19-05:00Sports Management, SportsSignup Updates|

We are very pleased to announce a feature that will give administrators the ability to auto-assign teams based on a specific field.  This feature will greatly enhance the already robust team management capabilities within the SportsSignup player registration system.  Here are the highlights:

  • Ability to assign teams “round robin” style based on a field, such as birth date. For example,  based on one division or year (like 1st graders), this allows for balanced teams based on age, so the older kids are spread across the teams evenly.  This can also be used if club has a RATING field which, thanks to another new feature, can now be updated by coaches.
    • Note: You can run this feature multiple times, as new registrations come in.
  • A summary is provided indicating how many participants will end up on teams by age group before assignments are made.
  • A re-do or mass reset can be done if the administrator needs to add or delete teams.

More information about Auto-Assigning Teams can be found in our Support Center.