New: Team Schedule Publisher

2012-01-27T14:34:58-05:00Sports Management, SportsSignup Updates|

We are pleased to announce another great new feature to complement our suite of services, called Team Schedule Publisher!  This new service allows you to publish game schedules and other “calendar related” events to your members easily and efficiently. 

What is Team Schedule Publisher?
SportsSignup’s new Team Schedule Publisher feature will eliminate much of the hassle of publishing schedules and managing/communicating changes, which will ultimately improve the overall communication experience between coaches and team members/team families. A practice might be cancelled, a game might be added, a meeting might be called, a location might be relocated. Schedule Publisher allows your organization to easily disseminate this information to everyone – especially if there are “short notice” changes.

Why use Team Schedule Publisher?

Team Schedule Publisher is a feature that will primarily be used by coaches/team managers to input and manage their practice/game/meeting schedules with their team. The feature will eliminate the need to publish schedules on spreadsheets or word files, as each schedule is associated with specific TEAM(S) in the SportsSignup system. <Click the image on the left to see a larger screenshot>

The Team Schedule Publisher will feature the following:

  • Ability to enter all locations/facilities to the database
    • Can include map links and other location/facility attributes
  • Ability to enter all scheduled events (meetings, practices, games) into the database
  • Coach/manager/or admin can create each event, which includes: 
    • Home game, away game, practice, or “Other”
    • Date/Time of event
    • Location (selected from the previously entered locations)
  • The schedules are directly linked to TEAM(S), and since the system knows the relationship between the two – instead of having to navigate through everyone’s schedule, team members would only see their schedule.
  • Changes or additions to the schedule allow for an automated update to the team members/team families, by email
  • Email contains a URL link to the schedule
  • A family can view their “account” schedule (if multiple names/registrants in the account) and the schedule with highlight any conflicts/overlaps
  • Schedules will be easily accessible on most mobile devices
  • …and as an added bonus – there are no additional fees charged!