New: Top-Level Menu Items Have Changed

2012-02-02T19:17:08-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

With the release of our new Support Center, we’ve updated our application menus.  First, we’ve added multiple ways for you to get help and support.  The first image shows the Support Center menu that allows you to access the Home Page of the Support Center, where you can search the Knowledge Base, view Resources, Submit Tickets, check the status of your tickets and more.  We have also added “Help for this Page”.  This will bring you to a specific folder or article related to the page you are working on. 


On your administrator Home Page, some of the top-level menu items have changed. These changes are summarized in the below image, not only group related items for easier navigation, but also bring you to setup tasks in fewer clicks.  NO FEATURES HAVE BEEN REMOVED – BUT SOME MAY HAVE BEEN RELOCATED OR RENAMED. For example, Manage Teams is now called Teams and is located under the new Setup menu item.


(Click on image to enlarge)