New: Waiting List Feature Improved

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07-07-09: Waiting Lists are an important part of any online sports registration software. There are two major changes to SportsSignup’s Waiting List feature:

  1. The Waiting List capacity can now be modified at any time, so you can re-set the maximum number allowed as needed. Important: You will first need to admit anyone currently on the Waiting List before new registrants are able to register without going to the Waiting List.
  2. Other known/reported bugs with the Waiting List feature have been resolved in this update.

If you would like this feature enabled on your account, please send an e-mail with your account name to

What is a Waiting List?

A Waiting List allows SportsSignup administrators you to set capacity controls on your Division size, and will limit the number of registrants to a number you specify. For example, you may run a program that has slots for, say, 60 players in the U16  Division (because you would like to have 3 x 20 player teams in this Division). Setting a Waiting List for this Division will not allow more than 60 players to register for it (click on graphic to see screenshot example). Once the cap is reached, the registrant is asked if they would like to be placed on a Waiting List. If they answer “Yes,” they are told approximately where they “sit” on the Waiting List.

Managing Waiting Lists

Administrators can see who’s on the Waiting List, and what order they arrived as each registration is time-stamped. Registrants on the Waiting List can then be “invited” to complete their registration (and to checkout and pay) as spaces become available. Once invited by the administrator, the system places the registration in their shopping cart, and automatically sends an e-mail explaining how to complete their transaction and check out.

Once you determine there are no more spaces available, you can elect to send an e-mail to all the people remaining on the Waiting List indicating they are out of luck 🙂

Getting Started

If you would like to enable Waiting Lists for your account, e-mail us with your account name, and we’ll turn the feature on. You will then be able to set capacity controls for Divisions and manage the Waiting List.