New: Welcome Page

2012-01-27T16:18:52-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

There have been many occasions when we have been asked to move the Current Session Info below the Welcome Page message and vice versa. We understand that both of these things are often equally important.  Based on user feedback, the following changes have been made to the Welcome page making it easier to read and navigate:

  • Display the Current Session Info and Welcome Page text side by side – Now your members will see the most important information without having to scroll down
  • Include Headers and line breaks for each Session – This clearly defines each Session making it easier to distinguish the open and closing periods as well as the description information
  • Made the Login/Register button more prominent – front and center!


The Welcome Page is the first page your members see when they come to the Registration site.  We encourage organizations to utilize this space to convey information about your organization or important information about upcoming registrations.  Sample text can be found in the Support Center by clicking on the “Help for this Page” link on the Welcome Page.