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College Recruiting Series #6: How to get a scholarship offer—before you start high school

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Stories about early recruiting have taken the college sports world by storm. Athletes as young as 10 years old are verbally committing to top Division I universities. If you’re scratching your head wondering how this can happen, you’re not alone—athletes and parents alike are asking the same question. However, the trend toward recruiting younger and younger athletes is quickly becoming the new norm. […]

Pre and Post Practice or Game Snack Ideas for the Busy Sports Parent 

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There are so many challenging things about being a sports parent. One of those things is coming up with quick and healthy snacks for before and after practices or games. We have all been there…running from work and hustling to get our kids packed and out the door and we forget about having enough snacks to get our athletes fully fueled. The solution often ends up being to get hot dogs or burgers at the concession stand, or to frantically make a fast-food stop because your son or daughter is hungry and complaining in the back seat.  […]

How to Recognize the Potential in All of Your Athletes

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Often as a coach, it’s easy to pick out your star athletes. Usually they’re the ones hitting the ball out of the park, raining 3s on the court, or dodging linebackers to make the game-winning touchdown. But what about the smaller, quieter, or less agile teammates – can you recognize potential in them too? Perhaps all they need is the right guidance to grow their skills and succeed in their sport. Here are a few tips on how to recognize potential in your most unexpected athletes.  […]

You’re Doing It Right, Even When You Think You Aren’t

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Being a sports parent is tough, especially when it comes to parenting youth athletes. It’s a constant balancing act between pushing your children to greatness while letting them have fun at the same time. You want them to become leaders for their teammates while keeping the weight of the season off of their shoulders so they can enjoy their time as youth athletes. When my kids were going through sports as youth athletes, I constantly felt like I was doing it all wrong. One minute I felt like I was propping them up for success and another I felt like I was setting them up for failure. It took me a long time to realize that no sports parent is perfect and all sports parents just want their kids to be successful, grow and have fun. That is all I truly wanted for my young athletes. […]

The Arizona Outliers

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The Arizona Outliers are a team of 6th and 7th grade girls who have been together for two years. They’ve had plenty of success on the court, including a recent win in the Storm the City tournament in California. But the Outliers are, in the words of coach Justin Maass, about “the whole package, on and off the floor.” That was never more apparent than when the brother of a coach and two of the players’ mothers battled cancer and the team banded together. “I know it’s a cliché, but the team is like a family,” says Maass. “We do everything together. The girls feel like they’re not alone because someone always gets their back.”

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