Pre-Registration for Dual-Seasons Now Available

2012-02-02T22:24:42-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

Many sports organizations have two “seasons,” for example a Fall and a Spring season. This scenario has presented some challenges with sports online registration management, especially when the makeup of teams is similar from season to season. Many organizations would also like to get commitments for play for a subsequent season. 

Option 1: Create independent Sessions for each season:
 Players register and pay for each season separately. Pro(s): Team management is clearly separate, works well when many players are added or dropped, or change teams between seasons. Con(s): A completed registration is required for both seasons.

Option 2: Create a single Session for both seasons: Players/helpers register once making a single payment for both seasons. Pro(s): A single registration cycle, works well when teams stay the same, and generally the same players. Con(s): Does not work well with many add/drops or when the makeup of teams change, and players may not want to commit to something scheduled “too far out.”

New Option: Allow “pre-registration” for second season. In this case you will implement Option 1 (Create independent Sessions for each season), but allow players to “pre-register” in the first season by asking a custom question with a Surcharge. By request, prior to opening registration for your second season, SportsSignup will “move” the players to your new Session – so players that had pre-registered will not have to register for the second season. Optionally, we can move your helpers across or you can opt to have helpers re-register. Pro(s): Allows for a single registration and capture of fees/commitments for subsequent season. Con(s): Requires advance notification to SportsSignup for implementation and data transfer.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a custom question in the first season’s Session that asks if the registrant would like to pre-register for the second season. This must be a custom question with a Surcharge (fee for season #2). For example, “Would you like to pre-register for the spring? (+$100).”
  2. Complete the registration cycle for the first season.
  3. Prior to opening registration for your second season, contact to request a data transfer to your second season. Please allow at least 10 business days for processing. Please provide the name of the custom question you created in step 1.

With this information, SportsSignup will create a new Session for your second season, and migrate all registrants who opted to pre-register over to the new Session. Now you can open this Session and accept additional registrations. There is no fee assessed for this service.