Ready to “Go Live” with your Sports Online Registration site?

2012-04-03T17:19:00-04:00Sports Management|

Here’s a “Top 10” list of things you should do before taking your Sports Online Registration site out of Test Mode:

  1. Run a test registration and/or have others in your organization run tests and provide feedback. This is the best way to tune your registration process. You can make unlimited registrations while in Test Mode (no fees are assessed), so take advantage of this to test your discount “rules” and the flow of information capture.
  2. Check your Sessions and Divisions for accuracy: Do you have the correct fees listed for the Session and Division? Did you add Session and Fee descriptions? Are the age cutoffs correct?Click here to see a previous post about setting up Sessions & Divisions.
  3. Check all of your custom questions:  Are the questions clear? Do you have all the possible answers in drop-downs? If the question is required, is there an “out” answer (e.g. Not Applicable)? Does the “flow” of your custom questions work?
  4. Be sure that your custom questions are a.) appropriate for your Registrants;  b.) have Report Labels; and c.) that they are necessary – click here to view/print a document that details SportsSignup’s default fields. Also, avoid using open text answers – use dropdown lists whenever possible.
  5. If you allow mail-in (paper) checks, be sure that the correct mailing address is listed, and the “make check payable” field is correct. The address used to setup the account is the default, and this may not be where you would like checks to be sent.
  6. Be sure to have a clear and unambiguous Refund Policy posted. Note that this is required if you accept credit cards as a form of payment. If you do not offer refunds, state this as your Refund Policy.
  7. Add key administrators on the account, and set the appropriate level of access. You can restrict access to certain programs or certain functionality for new administrators.
  8. Each Program should have a populated Consent Page and Post Purchase Notice. Click here to learn more about creating an effective Post Purchase Notice.
  9. Have an officer of your organization review and electronically sign the Agreement (you need to do this to come out of Test Mode). After the Agreements are signed, you will need to log out of the system and log back in for the changes to take effect.
  10. Ask your Account Executive for an audit of your account by SportsSignup prior to going live, we are happy to take a look at all of your settings.

Instructions on how to “Go Live:”

Login as administrator and go to Manage Account | Manage Organization | Test Mode. Click on the button that says “Take Out of Test Mode.” Because you may have had real people perform testing (with real Accounts), all Account information will be preserved but any registrations while in Test Mode will be automatically deleted. This will save your testing crew from having to re-enter their account information (address, emergency contacts, etc.). Note that once an account goes out of Test Mode, it cannot be set back to Test Mode.


Click here to view/print this tip with Adobe PDF.