Relieve Your Team Mom: How Every Parent Can Share the Responsibilities


Coaches rely on the parents of a team’s players to assist them in the tasks associated with team management that are not training related.  The time your coach spends running errands, making calls and organizing parties takes away from the time they could be using to research new drills and techniques that may help improve your child’s skills. That’s why it is important for parents to be involved with the team in a hand-on way.  Use the energy you would otherwise waste yelling out instructions and/or praises to your kid on something that benefits your child and their teammates even more, by being a support for the coach.

Even if your team has a “team mom” you can get involved!  In fact, it is your obligation to at least try to help out where your expertise and abilities would help most.  Everyone has something that they can contribute.

Do you have exceptional computer skills?  Maybe you can design flyers, create a database of potential sponsors to contact, design flyers for a team fundraiser or complete some other task that your skill set uniquely qualifies you for.

Do you have great people skills?  You can approach business owners about sponsorships, donations and fundraising collaborations with the team.

Is time on your side?  In lots of households both parents work, making time a luxury.  If you are in the situation where you know you will have extra time that other team parents don’t have, volunteer to make calls as necessary.

Love to party?  Though you might think that because you enjoy party planning that everybody does, that is not true.  This makes party planning the perfect task for you to take on.  Plan the end of the season awards banquet, team meals, fundraising events and more.  Other parents will be relieved if you take on this task and it’s best to have someone do it that will enjoy the planning process.

Coaches need lots of help to keep things off the field/court running smoothly so that they can focus on what they do best, teaching and training the team sport-specific skills.  Other ways you can step in to help include taking or planning team photos, preparing team snacks, creating end of the season gifts, making copies of schedules, helping with registration, sponsoring a child, and making uniform and equipment purchases.

Written by Mindy Tan, Marketing Manager,