Running Tournaments? Check Out Our Team Registration Solution

2012-04-03T18:04:04-04:00Sports Management, SportsSignup Updates|

We are coming up on tournament season for some of the “big” sports, and you should know that our Online Sports Registration service can easily handle this type of registration. Most registrations that come through the SportsSignup system are for players, and our fees are assessed per player registration. There is another registration type called Tournament or Team registration that allows your organization to register full teams (with rosters if applicable) to play in an event or tournament. Team registration works very similar to player registration, with a few exceptions:

  • With a Team registration, the players do not register themselves directly. Instead, the coach or team manager enters the team information (division, playing level, etc.) and then registers and pays for the whole team.
  • If you require rosters to be submitted, the coach/manager enters the information for each player – these can be standard or custom fields depending on the sport (e.g. player height or weight).
  • You can set roster size minimums/maximums, coach minimums/maximums, and a date when roster editing closes. These rules can be set at the Session or Division level.
  • For Team registration, the coach/manager submits one payment on behalf of the team, and can pay based on your organization’s payment options.
  • Waitlists can be enabled for this registration type, making it easy to “cap” the number of teams that register and pay.
  • Fee: The SportsSignup fee is $10.00 per Team registration.

Tournament & Team registration is available today, please contact for more information on how to enable this great service for your organization.