Send Text Messages with easyAlert!

Now available to all SportsSignup Customers!  Ever hear someone say, “I didn’t get your email…?” Have an important message you need users to receive RIGHT NOW?  We have a solution for you! The new easyAlert™ feature allows sports administrators and coaches to easily select and send users a quick alert to bephone received via text message and email. Say goodbye to using a 3rd party service to send texts to your sports organization members.  Wow!  Don’t you love it?  We knew you would.  No more “phone tree,” or making twenty telephone calls to cancel a practice due to thunderstorms or a last minute schedule change.  Send instant communication!  Yeah, we think it’s kinda cool too.

With easyAlert, your sports organization members can easily enable text messaging on any mobile phone in their account.  When an easyAlert is sent, it is automatically delivered to all enabled mobile phone numbers and email addresses on an account.  If received by email only, there is a link included in the email so members can see that enabling text messaging is an option for receiving important notices via easyAlert.

For more information about easyAlert on an existing SportsSignup account, visit our support center.