Small changes = big sales opportunities for multi-sport organizations

2012-01-27T18:11:56-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

Until now, the three products displayed on the account/registration pages have always been the best sellers for your organization…which is great if you are single sport and less great if you are a multi-sport organization contending with sport-specific products and seasonality. 

So, to help drive more sales during the registration process, the system will now consider active sessions, merchandise popularity and completed or in-cart registrations for the product display.  The display will change each time a member views their main page…so, no more overlooking already-seen products.

To link specific merchandise items to a sport/program, Merchandise Administrators for multi-sport organizations should edit each item with the correct sport.  From the homepage of your SportsSignup admin system choose Setup | Merchandise | Edit (each item) |Select Sport | Save