SportsSignup Announces “SportsSignup For a Cause”

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About the Program

We are pleased to announce a new program that was inspired by our customers called “SportsSignup For a Cause.” The program allows for existing SportsSignup customers, who are typically volunteer youth sports administrators, to “sponsor” registrations for a philanthropic event or cause either associated with their organization or within their community. For qualifying events, no SportsSignup registration fees are assessed for the program(s). You can sponsor a charity golf tournament, road race, fund raising event for disadvantaged children, etc. Learn more below…

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SportsSignup For a Cause – A Case Study

Each year the Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation (KDMF) holds a 5K road race & fund raiser to raise awareness on the dangers of alcohol abuse, attracting more than 600 registrants across Rhode Island and southern New England. Ken Andronowitz, the webmaster for KDMF, approached SportsSignup to see if the road race registration could be automated with the system. In previous years,  organizers of the event relied on a paper registration process. Mr. Andronowitz already had experience with online registration as he is the volunteer webmaster for South County Youth Lacrosse, a SportsSignup customer.

Through the SportsSignup For a Cause program, a new account was provisioned for the road race, and Mr. Andronowitz set it up and assisted the organizers with the new online process. “The SportsSignup system really streamlined the registration process and provided a great service. We are thankful that they have this program in place to offset some of the administrative costs associated with this charitable event,” said Andronowitz.

How to Become a Sponsor

  1. You must be an administrator on an active SportsSignup Account.
  2. Your organization must have non-profit status, and provide details to verify this status.
  3. You must have a qualifying philanthropic event/cause (please see application below).
  4. You must be willing to contribute your time and expertise to help configure and implement the registration process.
  5. Click the APPLY button below to start the application process.
  6. If you have questions, please email        
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