SportsSignup Employees Are Santa’s Helpers This Holiday Season

2012-01-10T15:20:28-05:00CS, SportsSignup Updates|

Dedicated to giving back to the community where we live, work, and play, SportsSignup was pleased to continue our tradition of spreading a little Christmas cheer in the Albany area by sponsoring a local family in need. Just the other week, our dedicated team got together, put on our best elves impressions and learned firsthand how hard Santa must work to wrap those oddly shaped gifts!

We learned last year that even the simplest of items can bring a lot of joy to a family in need, so SportsSignup employees went out on a shopping mission to find various household items, clothing and bedding and (of course) toys for every member the family. The office was then transformed into a present  wrapping assembly line, where even some our employee’s children were on hand to help!

It was wonderful to see everyone getting so swept up in the spirit of the holiday season. Sometimes we get so caught up in the shopping component of the holidays that we forget the real joy comes in giving those gifts and helping those in need.

Regardless if you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or any other holiday this month, SportsSignUp wishes you and your family a wonderful time!