SportsSignup for a Cause – Giving Back to South Shore Soccer Club

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Town of Babylon’s Supervisor’s Cup – Soccer Marathon 2009

We here at SportsSignup were proud to be a part of the West Babylon Soccer Marathon through the SportsSignup for a Cause program.  The Soccer Marathon is an annual fundraiser with all of the fundraising proceeds going to a family with a child suffering from a rare and serious illness. This year, there were two recipient children…Jackie suffering from Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Josh who has Aortic Stenosis. A share of the proceeds was also donated to the Ronald McDonald House.


The fundraiser was a huge success and a great time was had by all!  The champ in the pink sweater is Jackie. We are very happy to report her doctor has cleared her to play soccer beginning this fall.  Josh is the charmer in the green shorts.  Knowing how much he wanted to play, his parents let him play in one match and he scored seven goals…rumor has it that he hasn’t stopped smiling. 


Click here to learn more and how you can help these two special families!


Our SportsSignup for a Cause program allows for existing SportsSignup customers to “sponsor” registrations for a philanthropic event or cause either associated with their organization or within their community. For qualifying events, no SportsSignup registration fees are assessed for the program(s) as we donate our time and services. To learn more about SportsSignup for a Cause, please click here.