SportsSignup Provides Online Concussion Management Tools For Youth Sports Organizations

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Rising public awareness about the importance of concussion management has led to widespread legislative attention.  Today, nearly all states have passed or have pending legislation. The three most common elements are: Concussion education, removal from play and return-to-play decisions to be made by qualified medical providers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 10 percent of athletes in contact sports will suffer a concussion in a given year. The risk is especially acute in sports such as ice hockey, football and soccer, where collisions are frequent.

SportsSignup and our partner, Axon Sports, are dedicated to safety in concussion management and are working to make Baseline testing more accessible to young athletes.

Axon Sports developed the Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT), an online cognitive test that utilizes distinct tasks to measure attention, recall, and speed and accuracy of responses to provide a snapshot of an athlete’s brain function. If a concussion is suspected, the Baseline test results, when compared to After-Injury test results, are a critical tool for qualified medical providers in assessing cognitive impairment and are extremely valuable in guiding care decisions, including when it is safe for athletes to return to the classroom, practice, or competitive play.

SportsSignup’s integration with Axon Sports enables organizations that use SportsSignup online sports registration services to easily offer Baseline testing at a discounted price during the registration process. In addition, clubs and teams can purchase bulk quantities of test credits to obtain discounts for their members via the SportsSignup system, providing an even more affordable option.

“The safety of young athletes is every family’s main concern, and we share that concern,” said Anthony Bruno, CEO of SportsSignup. “As we continue to learn more about the cumulative effects of concussions and other head injuries, it is clear that we need to do all we can to give families, medical personnel and others involved in the care and nurturing of young athletes access to the best information available to help them make sound, safe decisions. We’re proud to partner with Axon Sports to spread the word about the importance of using the Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool, and making it more accessible through our system.”

Axon Sports recommends that an athlete take an annual Baseline test at the start of every school year or before the first practice of a sport season. In the event of a concussion or other head injury, an athlete should visit with a qualified medical provider who can use the Baseline result as the benchmark for After-Injury testing and care management. The Axon Sports CCAT is available online to any athlete age 10 and older.  Preview the test at

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