Support Center Updates

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Nothing is more valuable than accessibility to help when you need it. Based on customer feedback, we have created and revised the following guides.  We have included a synopsis of each guide to help you determine what will be most helpful to you. 

***You can access all of the documents below in the Support Center, from the Home page within “Resources” , and by searching by Keywords.*** 

Account Setup Guide

This setup guide will help administrators  to complete the initial configuration of their new SportsSignup account. It is organized in a sequential order that mirrors the flow of the setup process within the application.

Copy Session Guide

This guide will show administrators how to copy a Session, Copy Teams, and how to use the “Auto Assignment” feature (if applicable). These functions help you to save time when setting up your next session by copying all the Session properties, including  Divisions and Custom Questions, with just a couple of clicks. You can also copy Teams from a previous Session, Auto Assign returning Players and Coaches (who have already registered), and Submit Teams to a Parent Organization (if applicable).

End User Guide

This document is intended for end users of the system (called Registrants or Members). Registrants are anyone registering – this could be a parent registering their child, adults registering themselves, someone registering to volunteer or purchase merchandise, or someone giving a donation.  This contains a step by step guide for creating an account, adding members to the account, and registering.

Coach User’s Guides

This document is intended for coaches using the SportsSignup online registration system. The User’s Guide assumes that coaches have already registered to coach;  the organization has used the SportsSignup system to assign you to one or more teams, and has made the teams “visible” to players and coaches by indicating that the roster is “Live.” The guide will show coaches how to access their account, how to view all players assigned to their team, how to email the team, and how to print the team roster. The guide also demonstrates how to print player passes for applicable organizations.