Survey says…

2012-01-31T22:37:01-05:00Fundraising, SportsSignup Updates|

Since the concept of a web store is new for many, SportsSignup and our partner Eastbay want to give you every opportunity for success.  We have created a short survey you can easily deploy to all of your member accounts to find out what your members are thinkingdo they know that your store is open?  Do they understand the purpose of the web store?  Do they like the items being offered?

The survey is delivered online and participating organizations will be able to track the survey results in real-time to help tailor marketing efforts, choose new merchandise, add more sizes, rethink pricing strategies, etc.

Whether the goal for your MySportsStore is to raise money, keep registration costs low or just to brand your organization in the community, collecting (and then acting upon) this valuable member feedback is a great way to get you there!

Contact Kristina Peirce at to learn how to deploy the survey.