System Update: Managing Sports Organization Finances

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We understand the importance of helping your organization save time, and maybe more importantly, money.  That’s why we are constantly improving our online sports registration system with ways to track money owed to you and providing you the tools to help collect payables from outstanding accounts, along with helping your members view and manage their finances.      

Some recent updates are sure to make managing your sports organization easier:

Account View for Receiveables/Payables:  Within an account, there are two views, the administrator’s view and end user view. Note: Administrators can see the end user view, by clicking, “View as Account” under the Account Options menu.

When you unregister people, you have to settle the money they may have already been paid. This can be done with a refund or issuing an Account Credit. If you don’t settle the balance, you end up with a ‘payable’ to remind you it needs to get taken care of. Now, when you go into a family’s account, it makes it clear if you owe them money. Administrators will see the Account Receivables (monies owed to your organization), credits on an account that have not yet been used, and total Payables (monies you owe to your members).SportsSignup Online Sports Registration Feature

End users will see all important information regarding their finances, displayed prominently at the top of their account. They will see a “Pay Now” button when they owe money,  they will see any account credits that have not been used, and will see any money owed to them from your organization. 

SportsSignup Online Sports Registration Feature1

A helpful hint to manage your receiveables is to not let them happen in the first place! By accepting credit card only (and handling the few people that can’t pay by credit card specially), your sports organization can save a lot of time chasing down the money, and focus on your program instead.

Payables:  Have a lot of old Paybles transactions to “get rid of” and clean up?  There is a tool that allows you to zero out orders or make an adjustment to settle a large number of orders in just a couple of clicks.   From the Finance Reports > Receivables or Payables, payments and refunds can be processed individually or settled in mass.  When settling a large number of orders, this should be done cautiously, as there is no mass, “undo.” It’s important to do this so your users don’t think they are owed money. 

SportsSignup Online Sports Registration Feature

To learn more about Account Receiveables and Payables, please visit our SportsSignup Support Center.