Taking the Headache Out of Youth Sports: Why Online Sports Registration Is So Popular

online sports registration

Most youth sports league directors, administrators, coaches, officials, and volunteers love being involved with their respective organizations and working with kids. Furthermore, a fair amount of parents are happy that their children are playing sports and fully support their kids’ leagues. Yet, youth sports can be plenty of work for all parties—and cause plenty of headaches, especially when dealing with registration. Paper forms, roster requests, personal checks, forgetful parents, lost registrations: Are you running for the Excedrin just thinking about it all?

Fortunately, online sports registration has exploded in popularity over the last few years. This feature, found in the best league management solutions, is making the process easier for admins, coaches, and parents alike. Here are some ways online sports registration is increasing efficiency and reducing headaches:

Parents Love the Convenience

Parents with kids who play sports are undeniably busy chauffeuring them from activity to activity: One survey discovered that 53 percent of parents are driving their children more than 50 cumulative miles per week. Every bit of convenience helps busy moms and dads, and online registration provides an appreciated break. Parents don’t have to worry about filling out a registration form, stuffing it in an envelope, affixing a stamp, and making sure it gets in the mail. Nor do they have to worry about showing up for a registration day to sign their kids up in person—that’s just another errand to clog up their busy schedules.

No Checks, No Hassle

Registration fees make your league tick, but registration payments can be a pain. Personal checks require extra bookkeeping as well as trips to the bank, and don’t get us going on the challenge of handling cash. Online payments provide a solution to these hassles by eliminating checks and cash from the equation. Parents pay by credit card, and payments automatically drop into the league’s bank account. Moreover, because registration can’t be completed without payment, you aren’t chasing down fees from families who sent in a form but didn’t include a check or cash. And speaking of parents, they appreciate online payments as well because they aren’t left wondering when their checks will clear.

So Long, Paperwork

Paper registration comes with an unfortunate byproduct: paper. Dozens, even hundreds, of paper forms that must be collected, collated, processed, and inputted into a spreadsheet. This is too much work for already busy league directors, particularly when they are assembling teams and trying to keep track of teammate requests. Customizable online sports registration is a godsend for overwhelmed admins, who simply log into the program to see a complete record of player info. Team formation from the solution is easier than doing it by hand, and roster info is efficiently distributed to coaches and parents.

A Digital Option for a Digital Age

As this post has detailed, online youth sports registration offers numerous benefits that help with administration and convenience. Beyond these obvious advantages, going digital with your registration is simply a better option for your league in the long term. This is 2017: Online capabilities are expected—practically demanded—by consumers. A youth sports league is no different, and one that doesn’t provide online registration is going to appear incredibly 20th century. Parents might bypass your organization for one that isn’t so behind the times (or even not bother to register their kids for a sport at all). The future is now, and online sports registration positions you for success today and beyond.

What headaches have you encountered that could possibly be solved with online sports registration?