Thank You Sports Moms!


In honor of Mother’s Day, SportsSignup would like to take a moment to thank that indispensable figure of any youth sports program—sports moms. Some may think that youth sports are really more of a “Dad thing,” but you can’t deny the fact that sports moms across the country are driving players to their games or practices every night, make sure everyone is getting a healthy dinner or pre-game snack, have an extra water bottle stashed in the car, fill the bleachers with a cheering section at every game, organizes team dinners, volunteer at league events and much, much more.

Here are some really interesting facts about sports moms:

  • 70% of moms have at least one child in competitive sports (that’s 13 million sports moms!)
  • Sports moms spend 1/3 more time and more than twice as much money for their children’s athletic extracurricular activities than non-sports moms.
  • 79% of sports moms say they have no problem balancing their schedules to make time for their children’s sport and most are willing to give up some of their own time to help their youth athlete’s balance their own schedules
  • 9 out of 10 sports moms just want their kids to have fun with youth sports. Only 11% care about their children going pro.

Coaches – What are you doing to recognize and celebrate the sports moms on your team? You might be the ones running the practices, but they are the ones making sure the team shows up on time, has all their gear and is ready to play! This Mother’s Day, consider sending a thank you note (even an email will do, but just about all moms love a handwritten note) to all the sports moms on your team thanking them for their commitment to your team.  Make sure you remind your players to thank their moms too!

League Organizers ­– Have you ever thought about creating a MVM (Most Valuable Mom) award? You can have players and teams submit their best sports mom for league wide recognition! Everyone, even the most selfless of moms, likes knowing their hard work is being noticed and appreciated. These ladies step up whenever needed (often without being asked) so take a little time and let them know how much you appreciate all their hard work and effort in helping keep your league running smoothly.

Youth athletes – Be sure you give your mom extra thanks this Mother’s Day (and every day!) for all the hard work she does being a sports mom!

From all of us here at SportsSignup, we would like to wish all the current, former and future sports moms Happy Mother’s Day!

…and just in case you wanted a little extra appreciation, here is a great video from P&G about the importance of sports moms (and moms in general). Enjoy!