The Top 5 Questions Team Management Software Can Answer

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Every sports season is full of opportunities and optimism. Soccer in the fall, for example, coincides with the start of the school year and brings together friends (parents as well as players) who might not have seen each other over the summer. Basketball provides a sport on wintry days. The promise of spring comes with baseball. Most parents, coaches, players, and administrators look forward to the beginning of a new season, cherish the time spent at practices, games, and meets, and might be a little sad when the season comes to an end.

Each season comes with many questions as well. Parents have dozens of queries, from logistical questions about registration to personal ones about what their children will get from the sports experience. Coaches, both prospective and established, ask about schedules, equipment, and rules. League directors do their best to answer their questions, but at times, the most they can offer is, “Let me get back to you on that.” In these cases, team management software can be a big help, not only with parent and coaching questions, but your own queries about the status of your organization. Here are five questions that team management software can answer:

1. Who wants to be on what team?

Roster requests can be a pain for admins trying their best to honor everyone’s wishes, but they are nonetheless important for parents who want their kids teamed with friends, or coaches who want to work with the same players from year to year. Team management software cuts through much of the confusion by forming rosters according to parent and coach requests. Via online registration, parents can include the names of teammates or coaches they prefer for their kids. The software tracks that info and creates teams accordingly.

2. What medical considerations of players should we be aware of?

A big fear for leagues is that a child will become injured or sick from a pre-existing condition that was known but never shared with coaches or other parents. Obviously, a player with a nut allergy—and his or her parents—should not have to worry that someone will innocently bring peanut butter cookies as an after-game snack. Team management software asks for this information and includes it with roster data so that coaches and parents are aware of any concerns. Moreover, a coach or official can use the same software on a mobile device to find emergency contact information when necessary.

3. Did everyone pay?

Traditional registration via paper forms and personal checks lends itself to a payment being lost or overlooked. Parents become understandably frustrated when the league treasurer says they didn’t pay when they did, or when a check takes months to cash. Digital registration through team management software not only helps with bookkeeping, but also provides for online payments, thus eliminating checks—and annoyed conversations.

4. To when and where was the game rescheduled?

Rainouts, cancellations, and other schedule-related events can become a confusing mess in a hurry, particularly when parents and coaches aren’t given timely notice of a rescheduled game. You may know when the new time and location is and disseminated that information to some people, but did they forward that information on to everyone who needs it? Team management software accounts for any schedule updates online and notifies affected parents and coaches of the change.

5. What is the tournament schedule?

Along the same lines, compiling the schedule for an end-of-season tournament can be a challenge. League directors must deal with fields and courts, securing officials, seedings, and so on. The best team management software can do some of this work for admins, creating the brackets and sending notifications to teams once the schedule is set. With this feature, directors can focus on the finer details of making the tournament a memorable, fun event.

What questions do you often hear from parents and coaches in your league?