Tip: Creating an Effective Post Purchase Notice

2012-04-03T17:17:17-04:00Sports Management, SportsSignup Updates|

The Post Purchase Notice is shown as part of the registrant’s receipt, which is also automatically e-mailed to the registrant. The Post Purchase Notice (or “PPN”) is an important part of the registration process, and should not be overlooked as a great way to communicate with your registrants. The PPN can be customized for each Program in your Account, for example, you can have a different PPN for your recreation and competitive programs, or for baseball and football programs. Note that a PPN is not required for your Program(s), a Registration Receipt is automatically sent by e-mail, even if no custom PPN has been added.   

Suggestions for creating an effective Post Purchase Notice:

  1. Ppn_graphic Add an extra “thank you” to  registrants for their successful registration. Note that the text “Thank you for registering!” automatically appears at the bottom of the notice (click on graphic on right to see an sample PPN).
  2. Provide clear information on what happens next for the registrant, for example, “your coach will be in contact with you” or “show up at xx place at yy time” etc.
  3. List the next steps or any other requirements. It is best to do this as a numbered list or a bullet checklist.
  4. Provide any additional documents in the form of a web link.
  5. Give the registrants contact information if they have questions about the registration process.

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